10 Insider Tips for First Time Progressive Wearers

Progressive lenses are notoriously difficult to get used to because they challenge everything we’ve grown used to in a prescription lens.  Here’s how to make the transition easier:

#1. It’s all in the approach. People with an optimistic, never-give-up attitude usually prevail.

#2. Try them as soon as you are diagnosed with presbyopia.  In general, the younger you are when first trying progressives, the better will be your chances of adapting.

#3. Position your glasses as close to your face as possible. This widens your field of view.

#4.  Be patient. Your brain cannot unlearn what it has been doing for 40+ years in any less than two to four weeks.

#5. Set realistic expectations.  Progressives are not “ready-to-wear” for anyone.  If your distance vision is clear while wearing them, and reading is clear, then everything in between should clarify with time.

#6. With consistent wear comes faster adaptation.  Try your progressive lenses first thing in the morning and extend their wear for as long as you can each day.

#7. Position the top of your computer monitor level with your pupil.  This will make sure you are looking through the correct part of your progressive lenses when looking at the computer.

#8. Know when something is wrong. Speak with your eye care professional about what are normal signs of adaptation and which ones are abnormal. Sometimes adjusting the fit of the frames can make a huge impact on your visual comfort.

#9. Common sense prevails. Until you are fully adjusted, be careful driving, going down stairs, or stepping off curbs.  Keep your old glasses with you until you are fully adapted.

#10.  Get moral support.  Ask your family or colleagues what the process was like for them so you can keep the faith that your lenses will soon feel natural and comfortable.

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