It started with us

We too, were among the majority of people that went infrequently to an eye exam. We wore the same prescription for many years. We even ignored a whole assortment of physical ailments not realizing they were connected to changes in vision.

Then, a timely visit to an Optometrist changed everything.

As it turns out, people everywhere are taking their visual health for granted. So we created a company that provides busy people with comprehensive eye exams and professionally dispensed prescription glasses, in as little time and effort as possible. I guess you can say, we’ve got the cure for procrastination.

So if you have more than 200 individuals under one roof and if you are based in urban centres across Canada and the United States, call us. We will considerably reduce the risks that people are taking with their health and well-being.

Truly, there is no easier way to make your organization happier, safer, and more productive.

Optometrist & Optician Partners

Mobileyez works with only the best and brightest eye care professionals.
We are the everyday heroes who can make your first pair of progressive lenses a breeze, or who might catch early signs of a sight-threatening disease.
For us, it’s never a problem that your one ear is higher than the other, or that you can’t keep your eye open for the eye pressure test.
The final product will be in perfect balance with your proportions and your prescription eyewear will put energy back into your eyes.
Mobileyez is a registered provider with all the major insurance companies. True convenience means we do all the paperwork.
Want to get your spouse’s opinion? Take a few pairs home and return them the next day. We want you looking nothing less than amazing to your loved ones.
Let your family enjoy the same TLC we’ve shown you in our mobile clinics. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Family Optical Warehouse has a kids’ play area and seating lounge to give you a warm and comfortable experience unlike anywhere else.


Workplace Assessments
For conscientious employers wanting to mitigate first- and third-party risk of injury, an Occupational Optometrist is available for workplace assessments. The assessment includes, (but is not limited to): establishing visual acuity standards; determining working distances and prescribing occupational lenses; and assessing the surrounding factors that affect visual clarity so that the entire system can work more efficiently.
Health Fair & Continuing Education
Mobileyez is a source of insightful knowledge and advice at your company’s Wellness, Safety or Health Fairs. Mobileyez will keep you up to date with relevant news on corporate vision health and technological breakthroughs.
Group Site Testing & Standards Attainment
Mobileyez is uniquely qualified to conduct vision testing for large groups of staff such as commercial drivers and pilots; police, firefighters and EMT’s; as well as forklift and reach truck operators. We’ll even bring specialized equipment for color vision testing and visual fields at your request.