Blue-Blocking Lenses For Health

Introducing HOYA’s Recharge™: Blue-Blocking Lens Treatment

We all know the damaging affects of ultraviolet light on our eyes and skin but few of us consider the dosage of blue emissions we receive in a typical day and their additive effects over a lifetime.  Blue light is a natural part of the solar spectrum, but augmenting our exposure to blue light through artificial sources might have irreversible and dangerous consequences on our vision in the long term.

Blue light is the most energetic wavelength in the spectrum of visible light.  Also called High Energy Visible (HEV) light, the toxic affects of blue light on the retina have recently been linked to early onset of Age Related Macular Degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in industrialized countries.

Blue light occurs naturally, but computer screens, electronic devices, televisions, mobile phones, and energy-efficient light bulbs also produce it artificially. It is well established that blue-light emitting devices are major sources for suppressing melatonin, which leads to sleep disturbances.

Because the affects of HEV light on the retina are accumulative, it may take many lifetimes before we truly understand the extent of their damage.  HOYA Lens Laboratories is responding with Recharge™, a lens coating that blocks 100% of HEV light and still keeps colors looking normal.  Beware of imitators! True blue-emissions blocking lenses are available only in premium products and have a blue iridescence because they reflect blue light.   Recharge™ treated lenses are strongly recommended for:

  1. Children: for preventative reasons. Computer and tablet usage, television watching, gaming, and hand-held electronics
  2. Adults: for health reasons. Long-term exposure to blue emissions from computer and smart phone usage
  3. Cataract patients with intra-ocular lens replacements. Standard artificial lenses lack the ability to filter blue light

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