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Mobileyez serves large organizations of 200 or more individuals under one roof, or a minimum of 25 mandatory eye examinations. If you’re considering inviting Mobileyez to your organization and would like to talk things over a bit, call us at 416.619.0064.

For returns or exchanges, call 416.619.0064 or email with a summary of your concern along with your full name and telephone number.
Mobileyez will contact you immediately.

Mobileyez Inc.
3105 Unity Drive, Unit 12
Mississauga, Ontario L5L 4L2

Telephone: +1.416.619.0064
Toll Free: +1.866.920.6480
Fax: +1.866.920.6670

Open by appointment ONLY (we are mobile, after all)

Mobileyez does not make housecalls.

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