OVVO Optics

Ovvo Optics is a true industry innovator.  Originally intended for spacecraft and military use, scientists fused surgical steel with titanium to make a lightweight and incredibly durable material.  In the 1980’s engineers started to use the material in eyeglass frames.  The result is a collection of frames that can be stretched completely flat and made to hold 90 pounds without suffering any changes in structure or appearance.

Ovvo takes originality even further by making distinct shapes and colors that range from the “barely there” to “check me out”.  And the sunglasses are a dream. Each pair weighs less than one ounce and the frame conforms to your face to block sunshine from all angles.

Ovvo frames are recommended for people who want frames that feel as light as air.  Because they have a never-fail hinge system, we sell lots of Ovvo frames to children and to busy, active people.  Ovvo is also an exceptional choice for people wanting a futuristic, distinctive look.

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