When to See an Optometrist

Regular eye examinations are an important part of overall health. Based on recommendations from The College of Optometrists of Ontario, Mobileyez suggests the following schedule for you and family:

Children (6 months - 19 years, covered by Ontario Health):
At least one eye exam by 6 months of age and another before entering school (3-4 years). After that, children should be seen once a year for a comprehensive eye exam.

Adults (20 - 39 years):
- One comprehensive eye exam every two to three years.

Adults (40 - 64 years):
- One eye exam every two years, or more frequently as needed.

Adults (65 and older, covered by Ontario Health):
- One eye exam every year.


- Some medical conditions (ex: diabetes, glaucoma, and cataracts) require yearly eye examinations, which are covered by Ontario Health


*Optometrists are trained in emergency eye care such as scratches, abrasions, foreign object removal, and injuries isolated to the eyes. They also have specialized equipment that can see layers deep inside the eye. Visits of a medical nature are typically covered by Ontario Health.

*Optometrists in Ontario can prescribe medication for eye infections and several other pathologies related to the eye. So next time you wake up with a suspected case of pink eye, or worse, see an Optometrist.


- Sudden changes in vision or transient loss of vision
- Spontaneous, intense eye pain, with or without vomiting
- Shadows in your vision or flashes of light

Remember, an Optometrist can get you into a specialist just as readily as a medical doctor.

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